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What is C@N-DO?

Changemaking @ Northampton – Development Opportunities (C@N-DO) is a flexible professional development scheme for enabling positive change at the University of Northampton. It has been designed for all members of staff who are involved in teaching or who play a role in supporting the learning and teaching. C@N-DO offers you a pathway to professional development in the form of recognition and qualification and provides range of practical workshops, support, peer review and scholarship towards professional recognition as Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow of the HE Academy (HEA). On achievement of Fellowship of the HEA, you will be able to undertake further work to complete the Post-graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP).




For more information about C@N-DO, view and download the C@N-DO handbook from.

C@N-DO Handbook

There are a good variety of workshops available to you within C@N-DO. The core C@N-DO workshops (view the C@N-DO events below) is provided centrally and available to all staff involved in teaching and supporting learning. This gives you the opportunity to take part alongside staff from across different discipline areas. The workshops can also be arranged specifically within Schools, particularly if School timetabling means you are busy on the days of the central provision.

C@N-DO Workshops

What is the UKPSF?

The UKPSF provides professional recognition for staff across to 4 ‘Descriptors’.  These are a set of statements outlining the key characteristics of someone performing four broad categories of typical teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education.

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Which category of Fellowship is appropriate for me?

The UKPSF provides professional recognition for staff across to 4 ‘Descriptors’, according to the roles and contribution individuals make to Learning & Teaching.

Click here to see the diagram of the 4 'Descriptors'.

To identify your own personal goals and discuss your personal development journey, come along to the workshop Introduction to C@N-DO and the UKPSF and arrange a personal Individual Meeting with Shirley Bennett (Shirley.Bennett@northampton.ac.uk).

How can I become a Fellow or Senior Fellow?

Click here to see possible routes to gain a Fellow or Senior Fellow.

If you are already in a position to be able to evidence sustained impact and influence on the L&T practice of others, for example over a period of three years or more, you could consider moving quickly to an application to be a Senior Fellow. If you are more recently in post then C@N-DO includes support and development which will help you to work towards the award of Senior Fellowship. A good idea is to find out more about the criteria for the award of Senior Fellowship by attending the workshop Introduction to C@N-DO and the UKPSF and to arrange a personal interview with Shirley Bennett (Shirley.bennett@northampton.ac.uk) to discuss and plan your CPD route.