C@N-DO: Your Professional Development Scheme

"How is C@N-DO related to the UKPSF?"

What is the UKPSF?

The UKPSF provides professional recognition for staff across to 4 ‘Descriptors’.  These are a set of statements outlining the key characteristics of someone performing four broad categories of typical teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education.

C@N-DO is aligned to the UKPSF and provides a route to nationally-recognised professional standing as:

  • Associate Fellow of the HEA (D1)
  • Fellow of the HEA (D2)
  • Senior Fellow of the HEA (D3).

 (Applications for Principal Fellow (D4) should be made directly to the HEA.)

 The Descriptors are discussed in relation to three sets of ‘Dimensions’:

  • Areas of Activity – the things you do in your professional work in teaching and supporting learning
  • Core Knowledge - the knowledge and understanding you use and apply in carrying out those Areas of Activity
  • Professional Values – the values you hold which underpin the way you carry out those Areas of Activity.

For more information about professional recognition and the UKPSF, please visit the HEA websites blow:

To gain professional recognition individuals must provide evidence of successful engagement with these Dimensions and demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the relevant Descriptor within their own Learning & Teaching practice.

Central to C@N-DO are assessment tasks that enable staff to provide evidence of these requirements in ways that align with University of Northampton priorities and address the challenges and enhancement imperatives facing staff in this university. 

What’s in it for me?

The UKPSF is valuable to individuals because it offers:

  • national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning associated with higher education
  • demonstration that your practice is aligned with the UKPSF
  • an indicator of professional identity for higher education practitioners, including the entitlement to use post-nominal letters
  • a portable asset, that has UK wide-relevance and which is increasingly recognized by higher and further education institutions nationally and internationally.

 How does C@N-DO link to the UKPSF?

Until recently, only two routes to professional recognition were available – successful study on a Post-Graduate Certificate (e.g. UoN PGCTHE) or direct submission to the HEA. All HEIs are now encouraged to develop institutional CPD schemes.   Accredited institutional CPD schemes, enable institutions to award of HEA Fellowships directly. 

As noted above, C@N-DO will offer professional recognition as Associate Fellow (D1), Fellow (D2) and Senior Fellow (D3) of the HEA.  Applications for Principal Fellow (D4) should be made directly to the HEA.