Many people have been asking how to determine whether their modules and programmes are blended in a way that aligns with the direction of travel for learning and teaching at the University of Northampton. To help with this, the following statement provides an explanation:

The module is taught through student-centred activities that support the development of subject knowledge and understanding, independent learning and digital fluency. Our face-to-face teaching is facilitated in a practical and collaborative manner, clearly linked to learning activity outside the classroom. Opportunities are provided for students to develop autonomy, Changemaker attributes and employability skills.

This short video explains more about blended delivery at Northampton. If, when you have watched it, you would like some support in thinking about how to design for blended and then how, in particular, to deliver the online aspects of your new design, or redesign, why not speak to the Learning Design Team.



The Learning and Teaching Plan 2015 - 2018, along with the University's Operational and Strategic plans, challenges us to prepare new ground for growth and success in our teaching and learning, culminating from the hard work of seeds sown before. We have new opportunities to transform and grow in many different ways: from planting seeds of innovation to cultivating new pedagogical methods and technology enhancements.

To do this we need a nutrient rich environment of ideas, cross pollination and sharing, and techniques to find the perfect balance for sustainable growth. S.H.E.D. seeks to do just that. S.H.E.D. is an acronym for Sharing Higher Education Design and is the branding for sharing ideas and ways of working across the institution. This is happening in a number of ways:

·       You will see the actual S.H.E.D. (!) making its way around campus across the coming months to act as a physical point of idea exchange and support from the Learning Design Team. To find S.H.E.D. dates for your faculty please see the link below.

·       The S.H.E.D. will be making an appearance at this years' ILT Learning and Teaching Conference for details please click here

·       The S.H.E.D. is bookable for any away day events of Faculty, Subject or Programme meetings. Contact to book us in. 

·       Finally, S.H.E.D. is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which comprises this NILE site to showcase NILE Tool specific case studies and the LearnTech blog for broader, overarching pedagogical approaches. This NILE organisation has been created as a space for staff to investigate, collaborate and communicate with staff about Learning Design. We will use the organisation to post key announcements, discussion boards on topical subjects and specific NILE examples of practice.