Thursday 21 May 2015, 9:30-17:00


Sunley Conference Centre, Park Campus, University of Northampton


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Professor Rhona Sharpe, Oxford Brookes University


In defence of Moocs: rethinking pedagogy for an open, digital age


As quickly as the excitement for MOOCs began, the backlash is gaining pace. This talk stands in defence of openness as an opportunity to rethink pedagogy and will showcase imaginative learning designs. We will examine open, online learning through the eyes of learners and teachers, using their stories to examine aspects of open, online course design including learner participation, assessment and feedback, and team teaching. The talk will open the debate on the value of open academic practices for learners, staff and their institutions. 

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Professor Rhona Sharpe is Head of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development at Oxford Brookes University. She is interested in the processes by which we design online learning spaces and the digital literacies and attributes that learners need in order to learn well in them. Her work explores the habits and strategies that effective online learners adopt and the challenges that they face. 

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Relevant publications

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