Excellence in Learning and Teaching
at the University of Northampton 2015-2018

Our Mission: to enable transformational learning experiences through inspirational teaching.

Achieved by: developing capability in learning design, innovation and excellent teaching practice,
underpinned by the latest pedagogic research.

Our Vision:

  • Our learners are competent, resourceful and ethical problem solvers, capable to imagine and deploy creative approaches to address tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Our graduates are knowledgeable, socially responsible, digitally proficient and highly employable global citizens - the Changemakers of the future [1].

  • Our colleagues are outstanding at research-informed teaching and supporting learning, ensuring flexibility and pedagogic innovation for maximum benefit to staff and students.

  • Our researchers generate evidence on excellent teaching for optimal student learning and attract funding for research and enterprise activities.

  • We support our Education with Others (EWO) partners to deliver equivalent student experiences to those of our students at Northampton.

  • Employers and other key external stakeholders actively engage with every stage of our academic process: from programme design to implementation, evaluation, work-based learning opportunities and course redesign.

  • Our quality assurance and enhancement systems provide robust, evidence-based benchmarks to ensure positive and rewarding experiences for staff and students.    

[1] It should be noted that this statement may change as it is drawn from the draft statement currently in development as part of the ChANGE project.

Learning and Teaching Objectives 2015-16 (first year of this Plan) 

1.    To enhance the experience of first year students by tackling withdrawal and progression rates in the context of the First Year Experience project.
2.    To promote and support school-led programme re-design in preparation for Waterside. 
3.    To promote and support pedagogic understanding, skills development and research, as levers to promote positive change in learning and teaching with a particular focus on the online aspects of blended learning.
4.    To increase the proportion of staff with HEA Fellowship.
5.    To engage with academic colleagues in the development of a framework of Changemaker skills adaptable to disciplines and reflective of student academic progression (ChANGE project) and to embed this appropriately within the curriculum (Embed CM).
6.    To consult on and review institutional approaches to assessment design and practice
7.    To generate revenue via a minimum of 3 substantial external bids and consultancy.

ILT Learning and Teaching Strategic Plan 2015-16

The table below aims to map the strands of activity carried out by ILT against the core institutional objectives of the Institute. It is colour-coded to indicate alignment to the University of Northampton institutional strategy: Transforming lives, inspiring change. The contents of each cell show the activities, projects and initiatives being deployed under each strand to meet our objectives. 

key to colour coding

key to colour coding

Please note: Numbers in the white cells in the table below relate specifically to rows in the ILT Operational Plan (available on request), where each item is further specified and described in detail.
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