This project is underpinned by the University’s principles of student success, which include an integrated and collaborative approach to supporting student success (in this case, the First Year Experience).

A high level overview of the project Work Packages is shown below.
Additional details on the activities involved in each is listed below.

Work Package 1: Learning Analytics

  • Integrated predictive analytics tool, early warning system and CRM
  • Staff training
  • Continuing staff development for data-driven support
  • Evaluation

Work Package 2: Enhanced Student Advising

  • Peer (student-to-student) mentoring scheme
  • Dedicated CfAP support
  • Regular PAT development and training activities

Work Package 3: Learning and Teaching for Year 1

  • C@N-DO Workshops and resources to support
  • Data-informed action planning to support progression
  • Assessment and Feedback practice for Year 1

Work Package 4: Social Belonging

  • First year 'Social Innovation' experiences
  • Social belonging events

Work Package 5: Partners and Specific Groups

  • Setting of FYE as an institutional aspiration for EWO partners
  • Development of EWO FYE project plans
  • Sharing of good practice within and between EWO partners and UN

Work Package 6: Quality Assurance and Enhancement

  • FYE Team
  • FYE Manager
  • Good practice publications and video case studies
  • Good practice knowledge exchanges, communication and dissemination

The First Year Experience Project Year 1 Report, is now available for download!

The project is overseen by a Steering Group consisting of the Project Academic Lead and the Work Package leaders, with the opportunity for visitors to attend Steering Group meetings as appropriate.
Steering Group Terms of Reference
To meet on an approximately 6-weekly basis in order to:
  • Provide governance for the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of the FYE Project 2015-2019
  • Serve as the Project Executive—addressing issues and risk as these are escalated from the FYE Manager
  • Prepare and present progress reports to the Student Experience Committee
  • Serve as a central mechanism for reviewing institutional progression reports, sector non-continuation data and sector practices, and considering how these insights may influence the FYE project plan; in an iterative fashion, to amend the FYE project plan based on new insights.

This Gantt Chart provides the overall Project milestones for Year 1.

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