CEESI is an new and exciting HEA-funded project at the University of Northampton!


  • Bethany Alden Rivers

  • Wray Irwin

  • Alejandro Armellini

  • Sue Allen

  • Victor Agboola

  • Rob Howe

  • Rachel Maxwell

  • Chris Durkin

  • Simon Denny

Key Milestones

  • 12 February: Awarded funding

  • 15 March: Draft unified framework

  • 15 May: All curriculum redesign workshops completed (CAIeROs)

  • 31 May: Draft Case Studies

  • 15 June: Draft Toolkit

  • 30 June: Project delivered

The CEESI Final Report is now available!

Click the image on the right to access your copy.

Project Aims

The Curriculum Enhancement for Employability and Social Impact (CEESI) project aims to embed employability and positive changemaking across the disciplines in a meaningful way.

The CEESI project achieves this aim by working towards the following objectives:

Objective 1—Drawing on recent research findings and existing frameworks, to develop an integrated model of graduate attributes and outcomes for Employability for Social Impact [Work Package 1]

Objective 2—To engage staff and students in a pilot programme of curriculum enhancement for embedding Employability for Social Impact into teaching and learning activities, as a way to pilot the draft framework and to enhance current taught provision [Work Package 2]

Objective 3—To share good practice toward Employability for Social Impact emerging from the curriculum enhancement pilot programme within and beyond the Institution [Work Package 3]

Objective 4—Through insights gained from Work Packages 1-3, and in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy, to develop a toolkit for Employability for Social Impact that is of benefit within and beyond the Institution [Work Package 4].

Contact: Bethany Alden Rivers (bethany.alden@northampton.ac.uk) for more information about this project.

Our progress so far ...

Objective 1 - A theoretical model promoting a 'Zone of Pedagogical Praxis for Social Education' has been developed. This model is the subject of a journal paper (in press) entitled Social Innovation Education: Towards a Framework for Learning Design. The paper also proposes a series of 18 questions to help facilitate discussions in the redesign workshop forming the basis of objective 2.

Objective 2 - The 18 questions proposed in Work Package 1 were used at a collaborative, action-research workshop with staff and student representatives. The workshop was designed to apply and test the model on existing modules that already seem to 'sit under the Changemaker banner'.

This work is currently being written up in order to fulfil Objectives 3 and 4.

The modules and resources worked on were:

  • 3DD2009 Design Project 2 (Mik Piesniak)
  • SOCM066 Policy and Impact of Social Innovation (Chris Durkin)
  • EDU3031 Innovation, Leadership and Management in Children and Young People's Services (Wendy Bannerman)
  • EDU3032 Emancipatory Approaches to Working with Children and Young People (Wendy Bannerman)
  • ENVM033 Sustainable Development (Terry Tudor)
  • CfAP Resource Packs (Elizabeth Palmer)



Click the image above to download the CEESI final report

Thanks to the following participants in the workshop for Objective 2:

  • Sue Allen and Rachel Maxwell (workshop facilitators)
  • Rob Howe (WP2 lead)
  • Mik Piesniak (tutor, SoTA)
  • Chris Durkin (tutor, Social Sciences)
  • Wendy Bannerman (tutor, Education)
  • Terry Tudor (tutor, Science and Technology)
  • Sammi Wright (Student Voice Co-ordinator in the Student Union)
  • Simon Pole (Planet Too student-led sustainability initiative)
  • Elizabeth Palmer (CfAP)
  • Stephanie Nixon (Changemaker Certificate Gold Award winner)